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Wealth management and succession planning are essential to your future.

By transferring your assets to our trust and foundation services, for the benefit of chosen beneficiaries or to a company or a foundation under the guidance of a trusted family council, you put in place a structure that can be used to ensure your family is always looked after.

Our team comprises trust, company, foundation specialists, administrators, lawyers, and accountants, who can help develop and implement solutions that comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.

What is SPV and Holding?

UAE Trust

UAE Trust

A trust is a relationship between three entities, known as the settlor (the individual who creates the trust), the trustee (the individual in charge of the trust), and the beneficiary ( the individual who gets benefits from the trust). 

A trust is an important tool in protecting your asset. It can also be used to help reduce taxes, avoid probate, and give to charity.  The key to maximizing the benefits of Trusts is finding the right people to manage them for you. That’s what our business experts from Rapid Zone will do for you. 
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UAE Foundation

UAE Foundation

Foundations combine characteristics of trusts and corporations where assets are managed by directors (like that of a trustee). Foundations are legal entities with perpetual existence that can be used for a wide range of investments. 

Foundations have great use as a means for private family wealth, offices, and succession planning, and also offer excellent asset protection. 
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