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To Start Your Business in the UAE

Arrange a face-to-face meeting or a Zoom call with one of our advisors. We recommend having a basic understanding of your business activity, the number of shareholders, your target customers, and office space requirements. Even if you need assistance, our team is ready to support you in finalizing your business plan.

We will assist you in selecting the right jurisdiction for your company, tailored to your unique needs and target market. You can establish your business in the UAE Mainland for maximum operational flexibility, leverage the benefits of a Free Zone setup if you specialize in a specific industry or seek cost-effective solutions, or consider an offshore setup to take advantage of the UAE’s thriving business environment from anywhere in the world.

Prepare all your registration documents, including your Application Form, Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Bank and Residency Statements, and more. Requirements differ depending on the license type and jurisdiction, so our team will gladly assist you throughout the process. consequatur.

Before relocating to the UAE, it is essential to apply for the necessary visas for yourself, your employees, and any dependents, if required. The specific visa options and the availability of visas for your staff and dependents will depend on the jurisdiction you have selected for your business. Our team will guide you through the visa application process and provide relevant information and support to ensure a smooth and successful transition to the UAE.

A corporate bank account is necessary to conduct business in the UAE. You can choose from several national, international, and digital banks, depending on your financial requirements. Our team of experts will help you determine the best bank for your needs and prepare the requirements for submission to the bank.

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Mainland Company Setup

Set up your company in Mainland and enjoy your freedom to conduct business anywhere in the UAE.

Mainland Company Setup

Set up your company in Mainland and enjoy your freedom to conduct business anywhere in the UAE. Get access to a wide range of investment opportunities, and benefit from the Emirate’s favorable business environment. Mainland company setup enjoys a broad scope of trade and business activities within and outside the UAE.
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Free Zone Company Setup

For every business activity, there’s a right jurisdiction. Choose from over 50 free zones in the UAE for your company.

Free Zone Company Setup

Discover the perfect jurisdiction for your business activity from a diverse range of over 50 free zones in the UAE. For multinational companies, free zone company setups offer significant advantages. Enjoy full foreign company ownership, benefit from the attractive low tax rates, and tap into the dynamic business ecosystem of the UAE.
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Offshore Company Setup

Conduct business activities without the need for any physical presence in the UAE.

Offshore Company Setup

Conduct business activities without the need for any physical presence in the UAE. Just like in Mainland and Free Zone, enjoy a favorable business ecosystem in a more convenient setup. Offshore companies also get access to the UAE’s wide range of services, such as trade finance, business consultancy, and legal and financial advice.
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Business setup is just the first step towards success. Our full suite of services ensures you have all the tools for your company’s growth.

We’ll guide you through each step, from tax and accounting services to recruitment assistance, legal support, co-working spaces, and more.

Need A Bank Account?

Open a corporate bank account with zero hassle

Opening a corporate bank account is integral to the business setup process. Rapid Zone has established partnerships with multiple banks, and we will find the bank that best suits your needs. We will guide you through opening your corporate bank account and assist you in preparing all the requirements to get started.
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Need a Co-Working Solution?

Get access to our business centre and co-working solutions

Experience state-of-the-art office facilities in Downtown Dubai, paired with unrivaled customer support that’s tailored to your needs. Our Business Hub’s wide range of concierge services, facilities, and amenities will help you manage your operations seamlessly & successfully.
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Need Residence Visas for You and Your Family?

PRO, EID, Medical, Tax Residency, and more

A business visa functions as a residency permit, granting expats the opportunity to stay in the UAE for a specified duration. Whether you require an investor, partner, or golden visa, our dedicated team is ready to assist you in organizing all types of visas for you and your family.
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Sharjah Free Zone



  • Inclusive of Office Lease Agreement for Banking purposes
  • Inclusive of 3-5 Activities
  • Multiple shareholders permitted
  • Combine E-commerce & Media Activities
  • Upgrade to Residence packages at a nominal cost, if required
  • Most cost-effective free zone in the UAE
Dubai Mainland



  • 2 Year Dubai Multi-Entry Residency Residence
  • NO Local UAE Sponsor FEE
  • NO Paid-up Shared Capital
  • FREE Company Stamp
  • FREE Dubai P O Box number
  • FREE Meeting room access in a prestigious Dubai Office location for 5 hours a month
  • 1,000+ Professional Activities available

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