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A Dubai Mainland license is an onshore company allowing entrepreneurs to conduct business activities inside and outside the UAE. Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) issues trade licenses for mainland companies.

You can register for a professional license or commercial license in Dubai Mainland. The trade license issued by DED is considered more premium and allows for the following benefits.

  • Allows for 100% foreign ownership
  • Ability to conduct business anywhere in the UAE
  • Own and rent office spaces within Dubai mainland
  • Do business with government entities
  • Fewer nationality restrictions for obtaining a trade license
  • Easier to open bank accounts, especially with traditional banks
  • Scalability of a business is much easier by adding more visas to the trade license

To get a company registered in Dubai, having a physical office space is not mandatory; Rapid Zone’s co-working DED package would be the perfect solution to get you started.


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    Advantages of a

    Dubai Mainland License

    Freedom to Operate Anywhere

    Having no limitations on where you can conduct business is one of the strongest reasons for getting a Dubai Mainland License. UAE mainland companies are allowed to do trade and business within the nation, in any free zones, and outside the country.

    Stronger Market Presence

    Getting a DED Mainland License gives you the opportunity to open your physical company anywhere in the UAE. This creates a stronger presence, and the freedom and flexibility to expand your company’s branches across the UAE.

    Ability to Work with Government Bodies

    Companies with Mainland Licenses are allowed to work with government contracts. The UAE government frequently needs specialised contractors for multi-million projects, giving you the opportunity to bid on high-risk, high-return projects.

    No Currency Restrictions

    There are no currency restrictions under the Dubai Mainland License. Companies are entitled to fully repatriate offshore or onshore bank accounts in the UAE.

    No Visa Limitations

    UAE mainland companies do not have any restrictions when it comes to expanding their visa quotas under a business license. An additional physical space would be required after a certain point, but it is much easier to scale the business.

    Financial Viability

    Companies with a Dubai Mainland License enjoy the benefits that Free Zone license companies have. This includes exclusion in paying taxes. It is also very important to note that no minimum capital requirement is required in setting up a company under a Dubai Mainland License.

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    Business Activities

    Under Dubai Mainland License

    Dubai is considered to be one of the most sought-after business destinations across the world. The ease of setting up a business that comes with numerous lucrative benefits is the primary reason for the continuous influx of investors and entrepreneurs in the UAE.

    With diverse options of activities to choose from, Rapid Zone will help you choose the best-suited type of activities for your company.

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    Industrial License

    The Industrial License under a Mainland Company allows a business to perform industrial-related activities such as production, segregation, accumulation, and packaging. This type of license is mostly given to businesses that transform natural materials or resources into goods.

    Commercial License

    The Commercial License is intended for companies who want to engage in buying and selling of goods, commodities, and other kinds of trade activities within the UAE. A DED Commercial License is also given to general and specialised traders and businesses who engage in retail, construction, and real estate activities.

    Professional License

    A Professional License is given to a person or a corporation that provides services and practices that rely on skills, talent, and ability. This includes individuals rendering work in the fields of accounting, design, tourism, and other professional services reliant on natural talent, skills, ability, or experience.

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    Tourism License

    There are three forms of licenses in the travel and tourism industry: 1. This license enables a company to manage travel within the city. 2. This license allows a company to sell tourist packages beyond the boundaries of Dubai. 3. This license enables a company to conduct global meetings, conferences, and exhibitions.

    Business Structures

    Under Dubai Mainland License

    Steps in Setting Up Your

    Under a Dubai Mainland License


    Choose Your Business Activity and Structure

    The first and most important thing to do before setting up a company in Dubai is to choose the right category and nature where your business activity falls. You can choose from over 1,500 business activities in the UAE. Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) is the Governing body that regulates all the legal activities of businesses in Dubai.


    Choose Business Type

    Choose a unique name for your company. Ensure that the chosen name does not match any other companies in Dubai. Once you have selected a name and received approval, register it with the DED. Typically, the registration process takes around three days.


    Apply for Mainland Trade License

    After registering your company name, it’s now time to apply for your mainland trade license. There are a few commercial activities that are not permissible according to the DED law. DED is the accountable body to decide, regulate, classify, permit, and license all economic activities. Several documents are required as part of a trade license application. Creative Zone can assist you with this.


    Get an Office Space or Coworking Space

    In the UAE, office spaces are usually owned by third parties. The packages and inclusions can be customised depending on your needs. It is essential to note that the tenancy agreement, Real Estate Regulation Authority (RERA) documents, and EJARI need to be submitted, following with the initial approval that is granted by the DED. An office space is often not mandatory and Creative Zone provides options of coworking spaces which is much more cost-effective.


    Prepare the Necessary Documents Like Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Article of Association (AoA)

    The Memorandum of Association (MoA) is one of the most important documents in setting up a company in Dubai. This document states the information on share of limitations and liberty every partner has within the company. This document should be drafted carefully. The legal experts from Rapid Zone can help you in preparing this document.


    Pay Fees and Collect the License

    After completing documentation and approvals, pay fees and collect your business license, marking official recognition and allowing legal operation in Dubai mainland.


    Open Your Business Bank Account

    After obtaining the trade license, the next step is to open a corporate bank account. Modern digital banking has streamlined this process, often taking only a few days. Our team of banking experts will assist you throughout the process.