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Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is one of the best places to consider when starting a business. Over the years, the Emirate has become one of the top destinations for entrepreneurs because of its booming economy from oil production, real estate, industrial development, and tourism. One of the reasons why Abu Dhabi has become the top choice of investors and entrepreneurs is the ease of doing business.

According to World Bank’s Doing Business in 2020, Abu Dhabi was regarded to be one of the strongest regional performers when it comes to ease of doing business. With its good location and diverse economy, Abu Dhabi is becoming one of the most favorite destinations for entrepreneurs.

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    Advantages of Setting Up Your Business

    in Abu Dhabi

    Low Company Setup Cost

    The ease of doing business in Abu Dhabi is one of the factors that attracts entrepreneurs and investors. Companies under the Abu Dhabi Mainland License are not required to have any minimum share capital. They are also exempted from an annual audit. However, there are exceptions to this in some jurisdictions.

    Wider Scope of Business

    Having an Abu Dhabi Mainland License lets you conduct business activities anywhere in the UAE. This allows a broader reach of consumers and customers across the region. Entering a wider market also lets you maximize your company’s increase in profit and revenue.

    Long Term License Validity

    Unlike other business locations, Abu Dhabi offers a 2-year validity in commercial licenses. This would minimise costs and effort in annually renewing your licenses.

    Affordable Office Spaces

    One of the most crucial points of starting a business is selecting your office space. In Abu Dhabi, you can choose to rent or lease a space for a very affordable price.

    Tourism Sector Development

    Abu Dhabi is known to be one of the most well-known global tourist destinations. It serves as a host for the largest commercial and sporting events which contribute to its increasing tourism sector yearly.

    Ability to Work with Government Bodies

    Companies with Abu Dhabi Mainland licenses are allowed to work with government contracts. This gives your company the opportunity to bid for different Government funded projects for a higher revenue.

    Repatriation of Capital and Profits

    Mainland companies in Abu Dhabi have the advantage of repatriating 100% of the profits and capital made by the business without any restrictions. Having an Abu Dhabi Mainland license also entitles you to 100% ownership and exempts you from income taxes. Value Added Tax (VAT) is the only tax imposed on enterprises at a rate of 5%.

    Cost of Setting Up Your Company

    in Abu Dhabi Mainland

    The price for setting up an Abu Dhabi Mainland Company starts from AED 15,000.

    Depending on the complexity of your business, and number of visa applications, setting up a company under the Abu Dhabi Mainland license usually ranges from AED 15,000 – AED 30,000.

    Rapid Zone can offer you different packages tailored to your business needs.

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    Business Activities

    Under Dubai Mainland License

    Dubai is considered to be one of the most sought-after business destinations across the world. The ease of setting up a business that comes with numerous lucrative benefits is the primary reason for the continuous influx of investors and entrepreneurs in the UAE.

    With diverse options of activities to choose from, Rapid Zone will help you choose the best-suited type of activities for your company.

    Occupational License

    Issued for companies who have individuals who use their talent, intelligence, and abilities to render service to clients. This includes law, accounting, and research firms.

    Tourism License

    This license is given to entrepreneurs who wish to operate in the travel and tourism sector of the UAE including hotels and travel agencies. The Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority issues this license.

    Professional License

    This license is issued to companies with employees who are providing service for a particular craft. This includes carpentry, steelwork, and other artisanal-related activities.

    Commercial License

    Allows a company to do business activities under public trading, hospitals, clinics, construction, real estate, and other related activities.

    Commercial License

    Allows a company to do business activities under public trading, hospitals, clinics, construction, real estate, and other related activities.

    Industrial License

    Issued to companies that plan to open a manufacturing company in Abu Dhabi.

    Types of Business Structures

    in Abu Dhabi Mainland

    Steps in Setting Up Your

    Under a Dubai Mainland License


    Determine the Nature of Business

    The first and one of the most critical steps in setting up business in Abu Dhabi Mainland is choosing the right trade license and company structure. Since there are requirements for each type, it is better to know the business activity and legal structure of your company beforehand. The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (DED) is the one responsible for issuing licenses for business registrations in Abu Dhabi.


    Register Trade Name

    Choose the right and appropriate name for your company. There are certain guidelines that you have to follow in choosing a company name. Creative Zone can provide you a comprehensive guide for choosing your trade name.


    Get Approvals from Authorising Authorities

    Once you have selected your business activity, company structure, and trade name, you can now seek preliminary approvals from the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development.

    Some of the documents needed for getting a preliminary approval are:

    · Approved trade name

    · For foreign investors: Approval from the Department of Naturalization and Residence, along with valid passport copies

    · Copy of Emirates ID (if applicable)

    · No objection certificate

    Our team at Rapid Zone can assist you in meeting all these requirements for a faster and hassle-free process.


    Licensing Approvals

    Upon submission of all documents, payment must be made. After this, you can now collect your trade license.